Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Firmage on the DOM Letter

In Friday's Salt Lake Tribune Ed Firmage strongly criticised LDS church leaders for endorsing the Religious Coalition for Marriage last month, saying,
Both polygamy and theocracy were the reasons given by the mobs that burnt our homes, murdered our people, torched our temples and chased us into what was then Mexico . . . Now, we've changed sides. Now, we join the bad guys and beat up on those who most need and deserve our protection and fellowship.

Of the Religious Right Firmage blasted,
How in the name of God dare they? These self-righteous, self-appointed shepherds of the American Constitution. They would be better advised to keep such crap carefully contained within the walls of their half-empty churches. The American Constitution is too important a document to be abused in this manner.

I was not surprised at what Firmage said. However, buried in his outspoken rhetoric was this thought provoking gem:
Sexuality and gender are holy mysteries: just how we become human, how we gradually assume the image of God, upon what graduated plane do we tend more toward the male or the female and still call God father, mother . . . All this is holy ground.
This whole ground ripples with the holiness of the Lord. We feel God's spirit wafting through the land and the water of our soul. Just what is sexuality? Gender? God's image? We take off our shoes.